I am well-equipped to represent alleged fugitives in Nevada.

Las Vegas Extradition Defense Attorney

Extradition within the United States most commonly refers to interstate…

…which is the official process whereby one state surrenders an individual to another state to answer criminal charges in the second state.

Generally, a suspected fugitive in Nevada is arrested based on some other requesting state’s warrant charging the suspect with a crime. In Las Vegas, these matters are handled by the “Q Cases Unit” of the Clark County District Attorney’s Office (I was a member of the Q Cases Unit for a period of time and worked on extraditions from the prosecution side). The District Attorney’s Office will file a fugitive complaint against the suspect in Clark County, at which point the suspect is arraigned and held in custody pending issuance of a Governor’s warrant from the other state. Bail is not normally issued in these cases, though an attorney familiar with the local process may sometimes acquire a bail for an alleged fugitive. The alleged fugitive may then either deny the allegations in the complaint or waive formal extradition at that time. Once extradition is complete, a competent attorney can assure that the local Nevada charges are dismissed.

All extradition cases are very serious. They most typically result in immediate incarceration without bail even in cases where the alleged fugitive is innocent. They also typically result in the alleged fugitive facing a new Felony charge in Nevada (Fugitive from Justice). If you or a family member has been arrested in Nevada on a warrant from another state, or arrested in another state on a warrant stemming from a Nevada case, it is important to talk with an attorney as soon as possible. Having handled extradition matters as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney.

I am well-equipped to represent alleged fugitives in Nevada.